First Trip to Aldi

In all seriousness, the first time I went to Aldi, I spent $10 on groceries for our week. Granted, I utilized a lot of things from our pantry…

I decided to set my budget at $60 for groceries (remember, dog and cat supplies do not count). I used HALF my budget the first week.

Here’s my list for my 12/3/10 shopping at Aldi:
Light Sour Cream $0.89
Cream Corn $0.39
Beef Bouillon Cubes $1.39
Tastes Like Butter $0.99
“Healthy” Cream of Chicken Soup $0.69
Ranch Tortilla Chips $0.99
Small Round Tortilla Chips $0.99
Split Top Wheat Bread $0.99
Soft Taco Sized Flour Tortillas $0.99

And my spoiler item:
(2) Silicone “Sil-Pat” Mats $9.99 ea (These are HUGE! Larger than my big cookie sheets. I goofed and thought they were $6.99 ea [as that was the only sign I saw at the time], but those ones would have been the size I wanted. Live and learn…)

Total spent at Aldi: $30.36 incl tax

I also spent $10 on a cat bed for my female cat and her four newborn kittens! (I have four kittens that will need homes in 5-7 weeks. *hinthint**winkwink**nudgenudge*)

I stopped at Dillon’s for dog food (again, not in the budget, $15), Hamburger Helper (on 10/$10 sale, bought 5) and frozen entrees for lunch (Michelina’s on sale for $0.88 ea, bought 5.) So basically I spent $10 of grocery budget at Dillon’s.

Total for the week: $40.36 (This will be exciting when I start using Dave Ramsey‘s envelope system and cash…)