Failure – BBQ Meatballs

B will eagerly tell you that sometimes I make bad meals. The flavors aren’t right, it wasn’t to our liking, it was too spicy, etc. But rarely do I ever BURN our dinner to a point that it’s inedible. I did just that last night.

I have made BBQ meatballs in the crock pot several times with no major problems. But last night’s were completely black. Disgusting. Yuck! I am about 100% sure it was the fault of the BBQ sauce I used. I’m not going to call out which BBQ sauce it was, but do know it was a store brand. I was disappointed with this same brand, different flavor, that I used in some BBQ chicken I made for myself in the crock pot for lunch a couple weeks ago. Definitely not going to use it in the slow cooker again.

I’m not convinced the flavor was that good before it was burnt, anyway. I’ll go back to Kraft (or as B would prefer, KC Masterpiece) BBQ sauce from now on.

So I’m not providing you with the recipe because it was a failure, and because I plan eventually I will redo it and I will provide you with the recipe then.


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