So in true form, I’ve already had to deviate from my meal plan. Luckily, I had deviated from it this weekend, so I had something to make!

My husband is a carnivore. He loves meat. Plain and simple. The best way for me to satisfy that urge for him is to have steaks. But pulling out the grill for two measly steaks is just such a waste. Which is why I love my George Foreman countertop grill! In about 10 minutes, we can have a steak cooked the way we want sitting on our table.

I have several different dry rubs sitting in my pantry. I simply throw the frozen steaks into the fridge in the morning before I head to work, then pull them out and put a little dry rub on them and cook them on George.

Along with the steaks, I had corn and a baked potato. I know, I know. Two starches. Bad me! But it’s what happened last night. So here’s what I needed:

2 T-bone steaks, thawed if frozen
1 Russet potato (B did not want one, and I shared mine with G)
1 pre-cooked chicken tenderloin, thawed & reheated (for G, who can’t quite do steak yet)
1 bag frozen corn

1. Preheat George. Rub steaks with dry rub.
2. Throw a washed, poked potato into the microwave and cook. My microwave has a button for baked potatoes. I just hit it. I think it’s for 6 or 7 minutes.
3. Throw steaks onto George when it beeps. Close lid and cook for 5 minutes. Check steak done-ness and continue cooking if you want yours more cooked. (I do… I like my steak well done.)
4.  Put corn in microwave-safe dish with lid. Add a couple tablespoons of water and a dollop of butter. Microwave for about 2 minutes. Shake/stir and repeat if corn is still cold.
5. Serve steaks with corn and baked potato.


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