My method

I’m in a rut! But sometimes, ruts are a good thing! We have a fairly regular schedule for our meal plan.

Saturday and Sunday are when I try new things, or when I make things that are either too busy for a weeknight or cook in the slow cooker for a short time (less than 8 hours is short to me!).

Monday we have either Tacos or Spaghetti.
Tuesday we have something in the crock pot.
Wednesdays we have a chicken dish.
Thursdays we have either Curry or Stir Fry.
Fridays we have Hamburger Helper or Leftovers.

No, it’s not very exciting. And maybe at some point it changes. But what we have works for now. When B and I were in college, as newlyweds, we had an even more simple plan. It was the same. Every week. We always had Spaghetti, Frozen Pizzas,  Hamburger Helper, etc. It made shopping super easy. But it was BORING!

Now that I try new things on the weekend, I can add them to the rotation if we like them. And every now and then we get tired of having something. Like Thursdays – stir fry and curry are very similar. Some weeks I just don’t feel like making it. So I’ll throw in a monkey wrench and do something totally different.

Which is why it’s so nice to have a monthly plan, but then a weekly plan, too. I might think I can make it all month having stir fry/curry. But then, by week 3, I’m beat and decide I want, oh, beef pot pies instead…

So when I’m making my weekly meal plan, I’ll deviate from the monthly plan. This is also a great way to do mini-pantry challenges. If I notice I’ve had a box of potatoes in my pantry for a few weeks, I can think of a meal to incorporate them in to. My meal plan isn’t set in stone, it’s just a structured guide that can be twisted, manipulated, and bent to my will. But it prevents me from having to panic when I get home from work to try to figure out what to make.


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