And so it begins

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog because I have had a hard time finding blogs by working moms that focuses on how they get everything done at home, too. So that is my mission.

My “About A Full Serving” page give you a little information about me and what I plan to do here.

I leave my house every morning at 7 am and return home just before 6 pm every Monday through Friday. I am responsible for all the housework and most all the meal preparation at my house. B is in charge of getting himself and G breakfast and lunch during the week. I never very rarely eat out for lunch.

I shop at Dillon’s (a Kroger company) and Walmart. I do not shop at Sam’s Club or any discount stores (I know there is a discount bakery near my mom’s and . I don’t actively coupon. However, if I see something on one of the coupon database websites that I will use, I’ll print it off and use it. The Dillon’s weekly ad comes out on Wednesdays, and I have it delivered to my inbox. I make my grocery list on my lunch breaks on Wednesday and Thursday, and finalize it on Friday. I will buy more than I need when a good sale comes along (peanut butter 10/$10, for instance). I haven’t got it all figured out, though. I don’t know the sale pattern. I know several other bloggers who have, and eventually I will too.

I get paid every Friday, so either Friday evening after G goes to bed or Saturday morning I go grocery shopping and deposit my check in the bank. My meal plan week is Saturday to Friday. So I will post my weekly meal plan on Fridays. I will add recipes after I make the meal, so I can provide feedback if it was a new recipe. At the end of the month, I will post the next month’s meal plan. Once I figure out the cycles of sales at Dillon’s, I know that the monthly plan will help me make the most of those sales.


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